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  • Do you charge for an initial consultation?

I am happy to provide a free brief initial consultation to determine how best I may help you with your particular issue.

  • How long will it take to resolve my issue?

While every case is different, I work each matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

  • How much will this all cost?

Each case is different.  Therefore, one of the things I address during the initial consultation is estimating the amount of time it may take to resolve your particular issue. 

  • What types of cases does your law firm handle?

The Law Offices of Cynthia Anne Kennedy, PLLC can address a full array of issues you may face as the owner and developer of real property, and can assist you every step of the way:  from planning and permitting; to zoning and development entitlements; through resolution of neighbor disputes, appeals and litigation.     


Please fill out the form below with any inquiries!

Thanks for reaching out! 

But, please be aware, submitting an inquiry does not establish an attorney-client relationship.   

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